Create, store and retrieve compliance certificates from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

iCert is not just a program to create and store certificates, it is a proven business tool that minimises risk to your business by keeping an eye on your compliance matters, ensuring everyone is completing their COCs and ESCs on time.

Trusted by 100s of Electricans, Property Managers and Group Builders.



create as many trial* ESC, CoC, and combined certificates as you like

* Trial certificates will be deleted from
the system after 30 days


first user, per month


per active trade user*,
per month

create as many ESC, CoC, and combined certificates as you like

email certificates to your clients

import certificates

add test results, images and supporting PDF documents to your certificates

* Trade users will only be billed per month if they have created a certificate for that month


please get in touch if you have over ten trade users or would like to make alternative payment options.

0800 ICERTNZ (423 786)


Vital Sparx are an Auckland based Electrical company, which has been servicing the Auckland area for the last 7 years.

Most of our work is domestic along with small commercial jobs, and a lot of our work is repeat business.

Prior to iCert our major issue around compliance was the paperwork, at times we were swimming in it.

iCert has changed all that, it has simplified the process, no more paperwork, scanning, filing or posting. Now COC's and ESC's can be emailed directly from the iCert software, no need for any paperwork.

The best thing we have found about iCert is having easy access to completed certificates and being able to fill them in on site with our iPad or iPhone. Being cloud based software we are also able to access and create COC's and ESC's from our office, saving time for the tradesmen on site.

We would definitely recommend iCert to any Electrical company.

Stuart Baty

iCert is exactly what I had been waiting for, everything is kept in one place in the clouds.

It's easy to use, and there is no paper.

It saves me time.

Thanks guys!

Jeffrey Hiscock

We have been using iCert for the last two months and it has made our life's so much easier. We just copy and paste our work description from our iCloud Jobsheet system and it's all done in the field by our tecs. On top of this we no longer have to file paper copies.

I would recommend this system to all electrical firms.

Joseph Moses

Students at The Waikato Institute of Technology are using the iCert online certification system as part of their apprenticeship block courses in the classroom.

We've been using iCert for the past 2 months now and found it to be a very useful and efficent tool for our business.

Those times you go to get the C.O.C book and its empty or the inspector turns up an hour early, with iCert in a matter of minutes, where ever we are we can create and email all documentation needed to the right people.

Saving those annoying trips back to jobs when someone's forgotten to leave the paperwork on-site, and at the office end it easy to find for filing or passing on to customers with a click of the button.

No more going through the van trying to find the old books and sheets.

Kevin Griffiths

Andrew Baker Electrical Ltd is a North Shore based electrical business, we have been trading for over 4 years and service the greater Auckland area. Our customer base is everything from residential, commercial to maintenance.

We have been using iCert for approximately six months, and in that time we have noticed a marked improvement in keeping up with our compliance requirements. iCert enables Management to check on staff to ensure all compliance certificates have been issued, and if they have not are able instruct the staff member to complete their required compliance.

iCert's search function is amazing, it takes all the annoying searching through paperwork (usually after hours), scanning and emailing/posting when someone requires a copy of a COC. Instead at the push of a button, while the person requesting the certificate is on the phone, you can email the certificate to them even before the phone call has ended.

Piles of paperwork and filing is a thing of the past, iCert has saved us so much time and in fact is actually making us money, as the certificates look professional and become a three page document worthy of charging a reasonable fee for.

We would recommend anyone in the electrical trade to use iCert to make their business more productive, compliant and more efficient.

Sarah Webber

Lux Electrical has been in trading for over 16 years in the greater Auckland area. Our jobs are mostly domestic along with some industrial work.

We found compliance a major headache especially when on site, we would turn up to the job go to issue a COC, and if we could find the COC book, often there were no more paper COC forms in the booklet. This is not good when you are out in the middle of nowhere.

Now with iCert it has made it so much easier. It is so convenient and it has taken the donkey work out of compliance. We pre-create our next day's COC's at night issuing them with a Unique ID which is our job number, so when we are on site most of the work has already been done. We find that by using our job numbers as the Unique ID numbers it makes it so much easier to link the jobs.

One of the best things we like about iCert is the COC's are automatically emailed to the client and back to our office. No more scanning or posting. It also makes searching for COC's so much easier, just a push of a button and you can search a COC and then email it on.

Would we recommend iCert?
Yes, go for it. You won't look back.

Andrew Doel