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Welcome to iCert the Future of Certification

Where we offer Peace of Mind for Electricians by taking the risk and worry out of the process of CoC's and ESC's. iCert has been designed by Electricians for Electricians, and covers every aspect of the CoC and ESC process.

With iCert you get

  • Peace of Mind
  • Easy CoC's & ESC's
  • Time Saving
  • Personalise with your logo
  • Simple to use
  • Amazing Search Function
  • On-charge certificates to recoup monthly subscription costs

iCert is New Zealand's first online job management and online certification software, which is an online electrical tool for Electricians that enables you the Electrician to create, email and save your ECS's, COC's and Electrical Certificates at the push of a button. It is perfect for those looking for trade management software to save your business time and money.

The COC'S and certificates can be referenced at any time, via smart phones, laptops or office based PC's.

For peace of mind iCert is updated with all the new regulations as they come into effect and you will also have the ability to add test results, manufacturer's instructions and any other notes that may be useful in the future.

There is the ability for admin users to pre-create certificates for trade users to save the tradesmen time on the job.

You have the ability to add new employee users with ease and if employees leave your employment their certificates can be referenced and sent to them at the push of a button.

iCert is a web based business management software for electricians that is simple to use and saves time on the job. All data stored away until you require it. It is an online certification tool, that can be used on smartphones, ipads, PC's and tablets.